Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Passionate and light sensual kiss all over you

The lips are going to touch and melt with the sensual french kissThe lips has touched and the tongue are inside each other, they are doing french kiss, this sensual kiss makes me melt in you and feels you and me are not separate, this is soul kissSlowly kiss at the forehead.
Give sensual kiss to both the eyelids.
Then slowly move your lips to kiss at the cheeks.
Kiss at the lips and nibble slowly.
Lick partner's tongue and kiss the tongue.
Kiss Behind the ear and lightly rub your nose or tongue.

Kiss tip of the nose and rub your nose with it.
Kiss Under the chin.Sensual and passionate kiss at neck which is also used as foreplay it generates very sensual feeling
Lightly Kiss back of the neck.
Kiss the neck passionately and lightly try to nibble.
Kiss Palm of the hand.
Give very light kiss Inside the wrist.

Kiss tips of the fingers and suck it sensually.You are so sweet, I will kiss all over your body and lick it, I want to taste you, I want to eat you, I want to drink you, I want you inside me, i want our existence will end and we will unite into one where we will kiss for eternity
Kiss Underside of the forearm.
Move downward... kissing slowly and passionately.
Kiss Curve of the waist.Typical french kiss with lots of love and romance
Kiss inside of the ankle.
Kiss the collar bone.
Kiss the spine.
Kiss Small of the back.
Kiss The tummy.

Our lips are going to melt with this hot kiss.Kiss Behind the knees.
Kiss every part of your partner.
Move slowly but don't break.
This is the most sensual kiss you will ever feel.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to make perfect first kiss for girls

Making your first kiss a perfect kiss
 Here are some of the tips for the perfect first kiss for you girls out there.
  1. Try to make your mouth clean. Bad breath is a turn off for a healthy and passionate kiss. Try to
    • Have a mint to mask your bad breath. 
    • Make sure you feel kiss-ably fresh and look kiss-ably fresh.
    • Make your lips look beautiful, juicy and sexy, but avoid using too much makeups.
  2. Lean in and make eye contact. Test your partner if he is ready for the kiss.
    • Lean your head on your guy's shoulder as if you are about to fall asleep. 
    • Look up at him - if his arm goes around to let you in, go for the kiss. 
    • If he doesn't seem to be taking things the same way you are, he might not be ready yet, or might be feeling shy or inexperienced. Just relax for the time being.
  3.  To give him the hint that you want a kiss, try to seduce him
    • Look at his lips. 
    • Drop your gaze and your eyelids to half mast, 
    • Then slowly, look back up to his eyes.
    • Give him a little welcoming smile.
    • Try to build ocean of passionate love towards him
    • Tips for girls to make first kiss a passionate and perfect
    • Pour the passionate love towards him through your eyes into his heart, through his eyes.
  4. If he doesn't go for the kiss, accept it! Relax and be at ease about it. Wait for another moment, either later in the date, or another time.
  5. Let him know you want to kiss. Reaching up to twine your arms around his neck, or lightly play with the hair at his neckline will let him know you are ready to get up close and personal.
  6. Take the lead. Some guys are very shy. Even those who aren't have been drilled over and over about unwelcome touching. Consider lightly kissing him on the cheek to show him that you're okay with touch. Guys have a reputation as being pervs, but a lot of boys worry about going too far.
  7. Invite him to kiss you. Yep, some boys really do need an engraved invitation. Let's say you've tried to show him you're ready, and he looks interested, but you just can't get him to let you kiss him, or kiss you, then just ask him, "Couldn't we just be kissing right now?" 
  8. If he doesn't kiss you then, he isn't going to kiss you.

Monday, July 2, 2012

How to make perfect first kiss with a Girl

 Here are some of the tips for the perfect first kiss for you girls out there.
  1. Don't Be Too Shy. Girls do want to be kissed. 
  2. Be loyal to her. If you like a girl, don't tell her you love her just to get a kiss, but girls do like being flattered by a guy sharing his feelings for her.
  3. Try to make your mouth clean. Bad breath is a turn off for a healthy and passionate kiss. Try to
    • Have a mint to mask your bad breath. 
    • Make sure you feel kiss-ably fresh and look kiss-ably fresh.
  4. Shave or look rough. Most girls prefer a guy with a smooth face, but some like their guy's face rough. Get to know what your girl likes.
  5. Respect her privacy. Most girls will not want to make out in front of others, especially if this is her first kiss. Find the right time when you can be alone. Privacy is key.
  6. Watch for signals. Watch carefully, as signals can be confusing - she may flirt with you, then smack you on the head. 
    • Ask yourself these questions: 
      • Do you both seem to have a cozy, warm, close time together? 
      • Has she been flirting with you through body language? 
      • Has she licked her lips, or bit her lower lip while looking at you? These signs are generally the invitation for kiss.
      • Has she found excuses to touch you often? 
    • If you feel confident of these things, prepare to kiss!
  7. Make eye contact. If she is comfortable and doesn't look away then she is ready.
    • Lean in slowly. 
    • Don't swoop in like a condor! 
    • Make it slow, nice, easy, romantic.
    • Hold her. 
    • Do not use a first kiss as your personal excuse to grope, grab, or get too familiar. Be a gentleman, for heaven's sake. 
    • Reach around her waist, gently draw her toward you, but again, gentlemen, do not squish her up against you and then grind your pelvis against her
    • Look into her eyes. Notice how we mention eye contact twice? Very important. Let her know that you are really seeing her.
    • Look at her lips. 
    • Make sure you know where you're going. 
    • Lean in, and go in for the kiss - don't miss her lips.
  8. Walk that fine line and make it a really excellent kiss. You don't want to give her a chaste little peck.
  9. Don't shove your tongue down her throat in the first kiss. 
    • An excellent first kiss is one that is romantic, tender and memorable. 
    • Your mouth should not be overly opened or closed, and it shouldn't be mushy or too tight (relax).
  10. Don't let it go too long (more than, say, 20 seconds) or let it be too short (3 seconds is not enough) - think around 10 seconds or so. A tiny hint of tongue is nice if she seems willing, but make it flirtatious and not insistent.
  11. Wait for her response. Just remain silent and smile, better yet hug her, ending the first kiss in a lovely, intimate moment.

Warnings during first kiss

Sensual and passionate kiss for the first time with passion of love in your heart
Consider these warnings while you are going to kiss your love for the first time.    
  1. Make sure your and partner's mouth is clean
    • Check you don't have any food stuck in your teeth or braces.
    • Your breath MUST smell good.
    • If possible, take out your braces before the kiss.
  2. Make sure you both close the eyes and feel the passion in the lips. Opening the eyes means 
    • The person is not interested or not enjoying in kissing or 
    • Lack of Loyalty towards the partner.
  3. Kiss lightly for the first time, for a brief time. Don't get it too mushy. If both of you like, kiss again for more time. If both of you like more, kiss more passionately. Kiss more sensually. Kiss for more time.
  4. First kiss might taste a bit mushy at first, but you'll get used to it; in fact, you will begin to like this feeling more for a perfect sensual and passionate kiss.
  5. Don't kiss anyone if they have a cold sore or something else around their mouth area; it could be a sign of oral herpes. watch out for
  6. Things to consider while kissing for the first time
    • Oral herpes
    • Cold and cough, Fever etc
  7. If the guy has a little beard scruff, keep kissing short - too intense, or too long, and the girl can get a "whisker burn" on her chin or around her lips - very embarrassing.
  8. Don't chew gum or anything during a kiss, you don't want it to go into partner's mouth!
  9. Don't go bragging to everyone next day, that you just kissed a cute girl. Kissing is a special secret that you must keep. Keep it quiet, keep it special.It is your special first kiss. If you want to tell, tell it only to your very close mates, who can keep your secrets. Don't go on telling into details.
  10. People say this will be a moment you remember for the rest of your life, and not to blow it - just forget that. For most part, the first kiss is awkward, and nerve-wracking, and you probably will do something stupid like step on her/his toes. It's really not a big deal if small things go awry. Have fun - the other person is in the same position and s/he is just as busy worrying about what s/he is doing wrong. You'll realize when the moment is right, a semi-autopilot takes over because it's so natural.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Kiss Poem

First kiss of a Virgin Angel
Two years passed on our first meeting...
two years passed on our first kiss...
and your perfume still run on my lips...
as we are kissing now...
its sweetness still and never go away...
and its aroma still in my cell...
our cell which we used to be in always....

Two years passed now...
and you still till now with me...
through your perfume ...
through your vision, which never left me...

Two years passed...
since your hair been as a storm in my hands...
and your mouth been been the fire which excited me...
and you been my only burning...
you been the poetries which i wrote for...

Two years passed...
and you still not here with me...

First kiss of two little boy and girl with red rose of love
talk...speech to me...
did you got bored from me...
did you void the fire from yourself to me...
and finished from me...
is it fair to got over from me...
after you charred me...
and then to leave...
is it fair to let me taste the sweetness...
and then to leave...


Friday, December 9, 2011

Tips to make a first kiss perfect

Prepare before you have your first kiss, look into each others eyes
If you are scared or nervous to have your first kiss, don't be; everyone is nervous for the first time. Here are few tips for planning your first perfect and passionate sensual kiss

  1. To make a kiss special you can take that person to a special place, surprise them with something personal, compliment them sincerely, FOR GUYS: brush the hair out of her eyes or play with her fingers, hold her face and look at her as if she is the only thing important in the world. This is still applicable when kissing your best friend.
  2. Keep in mind that many are shy about kissing -- but this doesn't mean they don't want to kiss you. Pay attention to body language. If you think your someone might be suffering from this ailment, try kissing them! Just be mindful of their reaction. If they pull away, or are surprised or otherwise not interested in the kiss, be mature about it and don't take it personally. You can try again later unless you are rebuffed flat out.
  3. Carry Lip balm or lip gloss (preferably lip balm)
  4. The fastest way to have a first kiss is just to get close to the person and kiss them. Most people won't complain. However, it is more fun if you spend an intimate evening with that person first.
  5. A good way to have a first kiss is going to a movie. Simple, but effective. Hopefully your crush will hold your hand - everyone has hormones, after all - and then, gradually get closer until you're as close as you can be without kissing. S/he should get the message soon, and if s/he doesn't, perhaps s/he's just not ready.
  6. Make your first kiss a memorable for lifetime. It should be passionate and sensual kiss
  7. If you know for a fact he wants to kiss you - for instance, he's told your friends - but he's just nervous, don't be afraid to ASK him! It does work.
  8. If you don't mind having an impersonal first kiss, join in on a game of Truth or Dare. The most popular dare is to kiss someone. Be warned though: you may end up kissing someone you don't much fancy (unless you get a friend to dare your crush to kiss you). The same is true for Spin the Bottle. Keep in mind you have no control in the latter.
  9. Avoid kissing straight-on, noses may get in the way.
  10. Keep your eyes closed, or mostly closed, during a first kiss. It will be awkward to be cross-eyed looking at them while kissing. Nobody wants to open their eyes slightly to find you staring, wide-eyed at them during a first kiss.
  11. Do not worry about details - how much to tilt your head, when to close your eyes, how long to stay, etc. Everyone has intuition and kissing is a very intuitive activity. It will all turn out fine.
  12. Don't just kiss someone out of the blue to see what it's like to kiss, have your first kiss with someone you really care for.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kissing in Different religions and traditions

Muslim kiss black stoneMuslims may kiss the Black Stone Alhajar Al-Aswad during Hajj during pilgrimage to Mecca.

In the gospels of Matthew and Mark (Luke and John omit this) Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss—an incongruous instance of aJudas betray jesus with a kiss kiss intertwined with betrayal. This is the basis of the term 'the kiss of Judas'

The holy kiss or kiss of peace is a traditional part of most Christian liturgies, though usually replaced with a handshake today in Western cultures

The pope will kiss the ground on arrival to a new country.

Visitors to the pope traditionally kiss his foot. (The ring of a cardinal or bishop, hand of a priest.)Kissing Bihsop's ring on the hand

Jews will kiss the Western wall of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and other religious articles during prayer such as the Torah, usually by touching their hand, Tallis, or Siddur (prayerbook) to the Torah and then kissing it. Jewish law prohibits kissing members of the opposite sex, except for certain close relatives. See Negiah.

Kissing pope on feetEastern Orthodox Christians often kiss the icons around the church as entering, they will also kiss the cross and the priests hand in certain other customs in the Church, such as confession or receiving a blessing.

Catholics will kiss rosary beads as a part of prayer, or kiss their hand after making the sign of the cross. It is also common to kiss the wounds on a crucifix, or any other image of Christ's Passion.

Hindus and Sikhs sometimes kiss the ground of a temple.